Short-term staff training

Joint short-term training for staff:
A joint short-term training in Bulgaria is planned in April 2018. Preparations have already taken place in a WEBINAR.
The aim of this joint training is
A) the last possible presentation of the tools before the end of the project
B) to present tips and tricks in the use of the tool
C) the opportunity to present suggestions for improvement
D) Exchange of experiences after regional test phases
E) to develop cooperation with regional stakeholders.

Agenda of common short-term training:
Day 1: Arrival – Morning: Arrival of all participants in Bulgaria (Sofia) – Afternoon: networking, getting to know each other
Day 2: Workshop – Integration.Guide
Day 3: Workshop – Educational Theater
Day 4: Workshop – Brettspiel
Day 5: Workshop – Curriculum
Day 6: Workshop – evaluation, network construction, departure

Language: English

Presentations during the training:





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