Report on the Webinar conducted 12.03.2018

According to the project proposal, the project partners agreed to organize a WEBINAR on the following topics:

IO1 Integration.Guide (RefuApp)
IO2 Educational Theater (RefuPlay)
IO3 board game (RefuGame)
4IO Curriculum (RefuSkills)

The WEBINAR took place on Monday, 12.03.2018 at 10:00 CET and gave the employees in the respective partner organizations the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the developed Intellectual Outputs.

At the center of the webinar were the following aspects
a) Presentation of the tools developed
b) Introduction to use
c) Examples
d) Test
e) Mutual collegial information exchange
f) Establishment of a virtual expert network.

The WEBINAR was coordinated by the coordinating entity WHKT (P1). In cooperation with the moderating partner Vondi, this ensured in advance a timely announcement, so that the application deadline for the webinar in the month of the project 19 (March 2018) could be met.

The project partners, who took the main responsibility for creating one of the outputs, were responsible for designing a virtual PowerPoint presentation. A maximum of 2 participants participated in this WEBINAR for each project partner.

The main function of the WEBINAR was to prepare the employees involved for joint short-term training in Bulgaria. The employees thus had the opportunity to get to know the tools developed, to jointly discuss the respective instructions for use, to test them and to develop suggestions for improvement up to short-term training.

The webinar was conducted in English using the Skype tool including screen sharing. The overall moderation of the WEBINAR was done by the partner Vondi (P3). The output-related WEBINAR parts were the responsibility of the project partners (IO1: WHKT, IO2: Vondi, IO3: Cnet, IO4: FLC). The PowerPoint presentations used in the webinar are available for download.


Presentations held in the webinar:






Screenshots of the Webinar presentations: