E-Bulletin № 3

E-Bulletin № 3

RefuTools are available for free use


The ERASMUS + project “Developing a Toolbox to Support Refugees and Refugee Workers” (RefuTools)

ends in August 2018. The project’s objective was to support the integration of refugees in the host

countries. To this end, the project partners have developed special tools, the so-called “RefuTools”, which

can be used by refugees as well as volunteers in refugee work. In time for the end of the project, the

project partners completed, successfully tested and published the four planned RefuTools.

The Android app “RefuApp” provides a multilingual, Android-based app that refugees and immigrants in

the participating project countries can use to find out about the basic needs of everyday life, such as

shopping, first aid or legal advice.

The educational theater “RefuPlay” serves to sensitize immigrants and refugees to culturally specific

behavior and customs.

With the board game “RefuGame”, refugees quickly learn in a playful way how to know habits, customs

and typical patterns of behavior in the host countries.

The “RefuSkills” curriculum is aimed at professional educational institutions in the building trade who can

use this curriculum to teach refugees basic professional skills in the construction sector.

Over the past 24 months, the partnership has been testing these tools intensively with internal and

external experts and is now making them available to the interested public for free use via the project

website www.whkt.de/refutools. The project website also documents the individual development steps,

provides additional information about the project and the individual tools and serves as a platform for the

long-term provision of the developed tools.

This project was funded with the support of the European Commission and the Federal Ministry of

Education and Research (BMBF). The content of this newsletter reflects solely the author’s opinion.

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