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Vocational education and training systems in origin countries of refugees are often not comparable to those systems that are spread all over Europe. Thus a recognition of the profession refugees might have is often not possible. Additionally, this target group can often not provide any evidence supporting the existing professional skills and abilities. Therefore entering the labour market as well as an approach to vocational education and training systems in the hosting countries are very difficult for refugees. Finally this leads to the consequence that the integration process is nearly impossible.


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About our project

The purpose of the project is to enable refugees improved basic approaches to enter the educational system in participating project countries. With regards to the Paris-declaration refugees should get the chance to work in their hosting countries faster and way more easily.


Summary of project idea.


Who are the partners participating in the project.


The results produced by the consortium.


Pictures from project meetings and events.


E-Bulletin № 1

E-Bulletin № 1

In September 2016 has started the ERASMUS+ project ‘Development of a toolbox to support refugees and people working with refugees (RefuTools)’…

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E-Bulletin № 2

E-Bulletin № 2

RefuTools as a support service for refugees and employees in refugee work In September 2016, the ERASMUS+ project “Development of a Toolbox to Support Refugees and Employmees in Refugee Work” (RefuTools) was launched. The aim of the project is to support the integration of refugees in the host countries. To this end, the project partners are developing special tools, the so-called “RefuTools”, which can be […]

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E-Bulletin № 3

E-Bulletin № 3

Will be issued in autumn 2018

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