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Main target audiences (both for short-term impact and for medium-long term impact): 

- Teachers and training staff, tutors from VET system, VET designers, general education and in-company key professionals

- Companies or new companies willing to express or revamp interest in implementing WBL

- External professionals willing to upgrade their skills preparation through innovative training tools

- Entrepreneurs interested in experimenting new training paths for their key professionals involved with education for WBL implementation and becoming WBL ambassadors on peers

- Local stakeholders and social partners interested in entering in new cooperation structures between companies and education system

- Local and UE institutions responsible for policies on employment, education, qualification frameworks, economy, business development for an active involvement


O1 Training programs for continuous professional development on WBL qualitative approaches

The aim of O1 is to design innovative training programs addressed to practitioners coming from VET, general education, business, social partners, public administrations. The innovative element, complementary to ended and running E+ projects on the same topic, is the holistic approach widening target groups of key professionals that might contribute to build effective and sustainable VET-business partnerships based on WBL:

- officers and technical staff of local public administrations, Youth organizations and social partners.

together with classic target groups so far considered by previous funded projects:

- teachers/tutors/school directors in VET and general education organizations

- in-company trainers/tutors/ entrepreneurs.

The new training programmes are meant to be adopted by the participant organizations and transferred with a peer to peer approach to key stakeholders acting at local level for a ground impact on cooperation structures and learners.


- Integration of preparatory comparative research on WBL weaknesses and skills needs for professionals

- Development of innovative training programs for skilled personnel

- Testing phase and assessment of training programmes 

- Validation and final editing of innovative training programmes for professionals

O2 ICT training tools for continuous professional development on WBL qualitative approaches

The aim of O2 is to design innovative ICT training tools addressed to practitioners coming from VET, general education, business, social partners, public administrations. 

O2 challenges conform with O1 challenges

O3 Practical Guide on monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance in WBL for professionals

The aim of O3 is to create a practical guide on fundamental issues recognized as lacking and critical by partners in preparation phases that is to say:

- Integrated processes of monitoring of WBL impact on either learners, companies and local development policies for education, employment and social cohesion

- Integrated processes of Evaluation on learning outcomes and WBL efficacy 

- Quality Assurance of the whole WBL process: from matching to final evaluation


Design and testing of Practical Guide on Monitoring, Evaluation, Quality  in WBL

Revision and final editing of Practical Guide

O4 Story board of InnoTrain methodology and recommendations to local stakeholders

O4 will represent a Story board recording the methodology followed and finalized by partnership to reach final outputs and progressive impacts on target groups during implementation. O4 won't be only an internal overview but it will be conceived thinking about the potential transferability to other European consortia working on VET-Business and WBL issues in future.