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AVIK is about…
Social integration, expansion and fortification of expertises represent the project’s priorities. Its aim is it to integrate migrants, refugees, persons applying for asyulm and people in precarious situations, thus to reach the aim of inclusion.

Context of AVIK
– Social integration is a process in a society as a whole so that it depends especially on one another’s sympathy as well as on an open attitude towards the non-native population.
– The process of integration is made up of convergence, debate and communication as well as the discover of similarities and differences and the adoption of a collaborative responsibilty on the native and non-native section.




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Potential benefitiaries

Target group

For who is AVIK?
1. audience are refugees, migrants, asylum seekers and people in precarious situations (e.g. at risk of poverty) -> the aim is a social and economic improvement

2. audience are coaches and social workers which are going to work with the first audience; the concepts include an educational use for coaching and teaching socially and economically deprived humans

Migrants & RefugeesProfessionals

Dinner Club

Dinner Club: a place of intercultural and interreligious encounter with a diversified framework programme, art exhibitions and live music a) …


Diversonopoly: encouragment of intercultural communication and mutual understanding between the native and non-native population for Diversonopoly: – encouragment of intercultural …

New Start

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Social inclusion is a process in a society as a whole so that it depends especially on one another’s sympathy …

Social inclusion according to…

Social inclusion has been talked about in many different ways around the world. The concept has been used in a variety of settings to support a range of population groups. This website is primarily based on the concept of social inclusion as it was developed by the AVIK project, an European partnership that works to support the creation and sustainability of inclusive communities.